Jamaica Music Museum


Mandated to produce exhibitions, lectures and performances that educate and entertain. The JaMM also initiates cultural and educational programmes that provide incites beyond music as such for it’s visitors. In addition to it’s signature event, grounation, held each Sunday during February, Reggae Black History Month, The JaMM hosts symposium, commemorative lectures and discussions linking music to contemporary social and historical events.


The Jamaica Music Museum firmly believes that the Grounation series plays a positive leadership role at the community level. It justifies the arts’ power to transform society and has become a crucial element in Jamaica’s intellectual landscape at home and abroad. This artful, entertaining series, conceptualized by Herbie Miller in 2012, invites audiences to move beyond a surface-level appreciation of our shared heritage by exposing them to facets of its inner rhythms through the guidance of experienced practitioners and cultural specialists. We believe this helps better convey the truths embedded in the soul of our culture and delivers a more thorough understanding of what makes Jamaica unique and what contributed to its successes and disappointments.

Commemorative Events

Four Women

Four influential female Jamaican cultural icons were honoured for their contributions to national development. The celebration held over the course of two Sundays, with presenters and performers hailing pioneering women, both famous and lesser known. Their works and lives were discussed with the audience and homage paid through music, poetry, citations and other oratory presentations. Women are encouraged to follow in the footsteps of these trailblazing Jamaican icons by remaining focused on their goals and positively impacting society, despite challenges.

Jamaica – Sierra Leone Family Reunion

A cultural get-together held at the Institute of Jamaica’s Lecture Hall on February 9, 2023. The Sierra Leone Honorary Consul to Jamaica, Professor Rosalea Hamilton, underscored the Consulate’s role building on the already strong historical and cultural ties between Jamaica and Sierra Leone, especially facilitating trade and investment. The event formed part of the JaMM’s Reggae/Black History Month cultural and educational outreach programmes.


On International Women’s Day March 8, 2023, the Jamaica Music Museum(JaMM) explored the Role of Women in music with a presentation on Anita “Margarita” Mahfood; a woman who has made significant contributions to Jamaican music.


The JaMM hosts performances highlighting cultural contributions and the talents of performing artists, musicians, the arts and music.