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JaMMming to Rocksteady. Ska. Mento. Reggae. Dancehall. Dub.

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We heartily welcome all our visitors from near and far, the young and the aged, students, music lovers and learners, and musicians. It is a tremendous honour to share with you and celebrate our nation’s rich musical heritage!

Museum Services


JaMM is the archive facility of rare musical recordings and oral histories of all Jamaican music genres and musicians.


JaMM offers to the public temporary exhbits/displays on varying topics on Jamaica’s musical genres.


Mr. Herbie Miller, Director/Curator and the team are available to provide research services, as well as to offer to the public access to musical scores, photographs, films, research files, business records, personal correspondence and musical instruments that belong to eminent Jamaican musicians.

Herbie Miller in conversation with Skatalites drummer Lloyd Knibb a visit to the JaMM.
Toots Hibbert donates guitar to the JaMM

Outreach programme

As part of it’s mandate, JaMM’s mission is to educate as well as entertain all Jamaicans and the wider international community on Jamaica’s great musical history and culture; highlighting the known and lesser known musicians who have contributed to our great musical development.

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JaMM Features

Musician Highlight

Veteran U.S Jazz musicians Curtis Lundy and  Craig Handy  of the Curtis Lundy Quintet toured the JaMM.

From left : Craig Handy,  Jazz musician; Rosemary Duncan, Administrator at JaMM;  Curtis Lundy, Jazz musician