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Jamaica Music Museum

The Jamaica Music Museum hosts a plethora of objects that represent different aspects of music, locally and internationally. Its musical instruments, recordings, and artistic depictions allow visitors to experience not just music but history through sound, sight, and touch.

Musical instruments:

From the talking drums of Nigeria, to the kalimbas of East Africa, to the rumba boxes in mento, to electric guitars and drum kits, the Jamaica Music Museum has a host of musical instruments that take visitors on a journey through the history of Jamaican music.


Our archives contain a vast collection of over 3000 music recordings, documentaries and interviews related to Jamaican music and culture – stored in a variety of formats including vinyls, 45s, reel to reels, and cassettes. We also have sheet music of compositons done by Jamaican musical greats.

Object in collection
Adina Edwards’s Accordian
Sly's Electric Drumkit
Sly Dunbar’s Electric Drumkit
Show collection of records in Museum collection.
Vinyl records in JaMM collection.
Musical instrument on display
Instruments used in Mento
Talking Drum from Nigeria