JaMM Symposium 2014 Online Forum | JaMM Symposium 2014

JaMM Symposium 2014 Online Forum

  JaMM Symposium 2014 – Objective/Goal:

“to discuss and exchange ideas about how to maximize the potential of the Jamaican Cultural Industries. The expected output will be a set of concrete recommendations to be used as a strategic framework for the re-emergence and restructuring the business of Jamaica’s Cultural Industries as a catalysts in the recovery of Jamaica’s economy.”

This is the online meeting-place to facilitate participation and comments on topics related to the JaMM Symposium 2014.
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    • JaMM Symposium 2014 Online Forum
      This is the main symposium forum intended to field suggested topics or issues for wider public discussion as they relate to the objectives of JaMM Symposium 2014. New topics in this forum or other focused fora may be started based on comments in this forum.
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