Symposium Day 2 – Saturday March 29, 2014 | JaMM Symposium 2014

Symposium Day 2 – Saturday March 29, 2014

Saturday March 29, 2014 -

“Identifying and Raising Capital for Investment in the Creative Industries”


Day 2 of the Symposium will comprise two(2) plenary sessions, each session lead off by a panel and moderator. The sessions will be approximately one and a half hours long.

Session 1     Meeting the entrepreneurial challenges facing the potential investor. This panel of potential investors will discuss: the common fears of the potential investor locally, internationally and from the Diaspora; the conditions for investment to be considered; the various financial products available to the cultural industries and the requirements to access these products. Moderator:     Milton Samuda.

Session 2 Sponsorships, Grants, Endorsements and Venture Capital Primarily a workshop on how to solicit sponsorships, grants and endorsements, this panel will consist of decision makers from major companies and performers who currently have endorsement deals; a look at how to develop a venture capital facility. Moderator: Ralston Hyman