Symposium Day 1 – Friday 28, March 2014; | JaMM Symposium 2014

Symposium Day 1 – Friday 28, March 2014;

Friday 28, March 2014; -

“The Development of Jamaica’s Cultural Industries” 

Day 1 will start with messages of Welcome and Introductions;

Day 1 of the Symposium will comprise four (4) plenary sessions, each session lead off by a panel and moderator. The sessions will be approximately one and a half hours long.

Session 1 What are the dimensions of Jamaica’s cultural industries? This discussion will define the cultural industry; look at the history of culture in Jamaica and the development of the cultural industries; and the challenges the industries face especially the film and music industries. Moderator: Dr Rosalea Hamilton

Session 2 Creative Entrepreneurship Among Young Jamaicans in the Industry

Lunch Break (12:00-100PM)

Session 3 Banking on Jamaica’s Cultural and Creative Brands: Elements for Success This discussion will emphasize the factors that contribute to the success of the Jamaican music industry and how investors can mitigate risk within the industry. Moderator: Dennis Howard.

Session 4 Self-Financing  A rap session with Sly and Robbie discussing their self-financed success followed by Q&A.

The Keynote speaker will cap the discussions followed by an end of day entertainment package.