Premise & Organization | JaMM Symposium 2014

Project Concepts and Objectives

Kingston, Jamaica is well recognized and regarded as an outstanding cultural city,
however the cultural industries in Jamaica has not realized the full potential for measurable
growth and as an engine for social and economic development.

Jamaican music has a diversified set of genres which are internationally viable for
income generation. In fact in some instances others have claimed aspects of our music and
have better organized and capitalized on the unique Jamaica’s cultural creations to produce
significant income for themselves.

Similar to other international cultural cities of note, such as London and Paris, we pose
the question “what needs to be effected in Jamaica to move our cultural industries forward and
help to build Jamaica?”

The Business of Jamaica’s Music and Cultural Industries symposium has two main objectives:
1) Facilitate a “meeting of the mind” environment where selected presenters and leaders
in the area of music, business, finance, government and international trade meet to discuss and
exchange ideas as to how to maximize the potential of the Jamaican Music Industry. The output
is to develop a set of concrete recommendations which will be used as a strategic framework
for the emergence or restructure of the business of Jamaica’s Music Industry as a driver in the
recovery of Jamaica’s economy.
2) to establish a Steering Committee, whose work and function will be to manage the
roadmap agreed through the symposium. The Steering Committee will establish and manage
any necessary business connections; ie. private and public sector, service clubs and social
organizations, to stimulate, facilitate and pilot specific investment projects and goals. It is
anticipated that the Steering Committee will be funded initially through an earmark from CHASE
FUNDS; and thereafter through ongoing contributions from both private and public sector
It should be noted that as needed certain national initiatives are now managed through divisions of
the Institute of Jamaica. In a similar vein the Steering Committee could be
operated at the offices of the Jamaica Music Museum.