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News (2012)

The Jamaica Music Museum has been featured in the news on many occasions. Please see below links to some online articles. 

In the press:

(Gleaner) Equal Rights: Reggae and Social Change – Album Art Central To Equal Rights 

TVJ Smile Jamaica -Equal Rights: Reggae and Social Change  

Susumba (Tanya Batson-Savage) Equal Rights: Reggae and Social Change – Exploring Revolution though Cover Art - 

 Gleaner - Spontaneous Combustion’ At Downtown Grounation - - Cen’C Love at Dennis Brown Groundations - Heartfelt Recollections with Video- Dennis Brown at 

Jamaica Observer – Can we all just get along?

Gleaner – A “Groundation” Downtown

Gleaner – Masterful Music Mural

Gleaner – From Behind The Shadows – Music Historian Herbie Miller Takes A Look At Bob Andy

The Rhythmic Innovation Of Lloyd Knibb

USA Today -Jamaica Music Museum will feature Reggae Greats!

Gleaner – Jamaica Music Museum: A sample of what it can be

Music Museum a place to really play

Gleaner – Non-exclusionary approach taken to Museum: Dermott Hussey Donation

Jamaica Music Museum in the making

Rising Stars TV – Reempowering the unsung Wailers – Part one

Gleaner – Garvey and radical black music