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Reservoir of Musical Talent

Alpha Boys School has significantly contributed to both the social and cultural identity of this country by training and equipping boys who would have otherwise slipped through the cracks in a society, especially where to be poor and black most often closed doors rather provide opportunity to them.

The School

Alpha  Boys School adopted these youngsters and gave not only to Jamaica but the world musical luminaries such as Bertie King, recipe Leslie ‘Jiver’ Hutchinson and Dr. Leslie Thompson during the 1920s and 1930s. Dizzy Reece, pharmacy Joe Harriot, Sonny Grey and Wilton Gaynair during the 1950s and 1960s, and Don Drummond, Tommy McCook, Lester Sterling and Johnny ‘Dizzy’ Moore, who to date, are perhaps the most innovative set of musicians who remain at home and were all charter members of the Skatalites – the band, which codified a distinct international Jamaican sound.

All these gentlemen graduated from Alpha Boys School with music as an another tool within their arsenal of skill-set, due to the vocational training to which they were exposed at Alpha and by which they could have made a living.

On the verge of its 130th year and with the social decline in Jamaica, the question is “with Alpha as the model, why aren’t there in each of the fourteen (14) parishes, and institution such as Alpha?”.

Many a musical giant have passed through the great Alpha Boys School. Graduates such as in the slides below:

Alpha Boys Home

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Wilton “Bra” Gaynair

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Don Drummond

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Alphonso “Dizzy” Reece

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Tony Greene

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