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Grounation 2015 focusses on Drums in Africa and its Diasporas


With the focus on the drums, buy this year’s Grounation takes a musical and historical look at how cultures arriving with enslaved Africans were reformed in the New World, producing unique rituals, art forms and popular expressions. Call & Response: Di Drum in Africa and its Diasporas, which is the theme of this year’s 4th staging of Grounation, examines that phenomenon. The presentations will highlight the innovations of people from Africa and its Diaspora as well as show the important role of the drum in the shaping of these new cultures.

Grounation 2015, which will be held every Sunday in the month of February (February 1,8,15 &22) at the Institute of Jamaica (IOJ) Lecture Hall, Tower Street entrance starting at 2:00pm, is the institute’s signature event, commemorating   Black History and Reggae Month, celebrated in February. It is organized by the Jamaica Music Museum (JaMM), a Department of the IOJ, headed by the museum’s director/curator, Herbie Miller.

This year’s series will also highlight the influences of New World culture on contemporary expressions including philosophies, rituals, visual traditions, popular music, and other art forms recognized globally for their dramatic richness such as Trinidad Carnival, Haitian paintings, soul music, gospel music and Reggae.

Throughout the world, African drums have been the source of much inspiration for modern drum designs, including the American trap set and the post-modern drum machine. African drums and drummers have also fostered new riddims and inspired dances, serving as the foundation for diverse spiritual rituals and popular culture throughout the Americas.

However, too often, even in modern black communities, the sound of drums often fail to inspire optimism, instead they instill a sense of fear. These and other attitudes toward the drum, is the focus of Grounation 2015, Call & Response: Di Drum in Africa and its Diasporas.


Symposium 2014

Theme:The Business of Jamaica’s Music and Cultural Industries”


Plan Your Visit

The Jamaica Music Museum currently has a small display titled “Music of Jamaica – People, Voice, Song” celebrating Jamaica’s music forms and instruments from the Taino to Dance Hall. This display may be viewed as part of a tour of the larger exhibition :- “Equal Rights: Reggae & Social Change” at 5 Water Lane; one of the galleries at the Institute of Jamaica East Street Complex. Reservations may be made by contacting the Public Relations Department at (876)-922-0621/6; email
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